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Student Works
Excerpts from the Warren Residential Community Home Program Newsletter
Tribute to a Modern Hero, Rosa Parks*
Rosa Parks
photo by Chester Higgins Jr., The NY Times
December 1, 1955 was an important day for people all over the world. This is the day Rosa Lee Parks refused to give up her seat on a city bus to another passenger. She didn't know it, but this would become a historical moment.
Rosa Parks' life changed significantly in a negative manner, but it later became more positive. Fist, she and several of her family members were fired from their jobs. A positive change was she inspired African Americans to fight more boldly to put segregation to an end. Rosa Parks also worked with the NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
Rosa also received awards such as the Spingarn Medal, the Freedom Award, the Non-violent Peace Prize, and the Eleanor Roosevelt Women of Courage Award.

Segregation shifted because more African Americans began to speak out and if people stand up for themselves, it makes a difference.

50 years later, Rosa Lee Parks is put to rest. She died late last month and was buried in early November. Rosa Park's death will affect a lot of people in every part of the world, just as her life did. As a young man, growing up today, she has impacted my life a great deal. Rosa Parks impacted my life because if it wasn't for her not giving up her seat on that bus, I might not have had the chance or courage to stand up for myself and the people around me. Thanks to Rosa Lee Parks, life today is different and life will continue to change because of people like her.
*from the November 2005 Newsletter

Creative Corner
If There is Someone*
If there is someone I can talk to,
Someone no one can replace,
If there is someone I can laugh with
Until the tears run down my face
If there is someone I can really trust
To keep each and every secret heard
If there is someone I can truly depend on
When I am in need of a helping hand,
If there is someone to lean on
Someone who truly tries to understand
If there is someone I can truly count on
As each month comes to an end
You're a very special and wonderful person
So, now I can say I found a very special friend
*from the November 2005 Newsletter
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