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Student Works
Excerpts from the JJC Student Publication, Voices
Women of the JJC -
An Interview with Ms. Rosanne Fairbanks
Director of Administration
Interviewed by a Juvenile Justice Commission Resident
Ms. Fairbanks is in her 9th year with the Juvenile Justice Commission and is our Director of Administration. She began her career with the DMV until she was asked if she would like to work for the Dept. of Law and Public Safety. Ms. Fairbanks enjoys working with the kids of JJC and tries her best to get the Superintendent's the money they need for them. Currently she is in the process of hiring doctors and nurses for the secure care facilities, as they will no longer be privatized.
Ms. Fairbanks has a wonderful husband and 3 great children. The entire family enjoys basketball and Ms. Fairbanks is an assistant coach for her daughter's youth team. When she finds time to relax, Ms. Fairbanks loves going to the beach especially Long Beach Island. On weekends she reads a bunch of newspapers cover to cover! In fact she used to be the editor for her high school newspaper. When ask who has influenced her the most she stated that there have been many people in her life who have helped her out but the person that stands out most in her mind is Mr. Worsely. She said he has been through so much in his lifetime. Mr. Worsley used to work for the commission. He lost his son and then lost the use of his own legs but still remains strong and keeps God by his side. Mr. Worsely comes to visit and pray with Ms. Fairbanks often.
When asked if there was something else that she would like to accomplish in life Ms. Fairbanks said that she would like to write a book and to teach kids a program called "Money Smarts" which is all about teaching kids how to handle things like a checkbook, credit cards and their finances.
At the end of the interview Ms. Fairbanks stated, "The best job I have ever had is working inside the JJC." She also stated "I love and care for the kids very much".
This interview was a lot of fun and a great experience for me. I think that Ms. Fairbanks is a very nice lady. Maybe one day I will have a resident of JJC come and interview me at Spruce Street! Thank you Ms. Fairbanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
By Jasmine

Pre-Cadet Training and Graduation

The Pre-Cadet class with our teacher Mr. Drew Smith was a great experience. Not only did we learn the basic rules about basketball but we learned how to respect ourselves and other people too. Another thing I can say that we've learned is that you should never give up anything that you love to do or that you are striving for in life. There were 6 young ladies that graduated from the pre-cadet class. They were Nicole, Shatima, Sade and Jasmine. The two girls from DOVES were Sharay and Sarah. The graduation ceremony was really nice with many people in attendance. Some of the dignitaries were: Mr. Flanagan, Mr. Amberg, Mr. Pinto, Mr. Bilal, Mr. Smith, Mr. Nardini, Ms. Lemane, Ms. Major and Mr. Morocco. Many thanks to everyone who helped make these classes possible.

By Jasmine

Habitat for Humanity

For those of you who may not be familiar with this hands-on vocational project our girls are actually out in the community building homes for people who can not afford to own a home through conventional methods. Volunteers must receive training, be on time and commit to work on the days agreed upon. Our last venture was on March 25th. Here is what one of the girls writes about that day...


I went with two of my peers Lauren and Nicole and one girl from D.O.V.E.S. to the Habitat for Humanity Center. Two wonderful staff, Janine Humenik and Kimberly Clark accompanied us. We helped out with filing, organizing shelves and documents. We took inventory and made a list of things that we need. I have been learning a lot from "Habitat." It is a very good feeling when you serve the community...

By Jasmine

The Battleship New Jersey
On March 31st, Valentine RCH took a trip to the Battleship New Jersey in Camden. We were very impressed how large it was. It weighs over 45,000 tons and saved her nation in times of war and peace for close to half a century. A man who served on the ship in the Korean War gave us a tour. They call it the "lucky ship" because only one man died out of all the battles it has been in. The battleship served in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Beirut Crisis of the 1980's. It earned 19 battle stars and is now a floating museum on the Camden waterfront. It was great to see our artwork on the ship. It was displayed next to a picture of all the women who helped build the New Jersey back in 1940. In conclusion, we had an awesome time and learned a lot. It even made me think about going into the Marine Corp! Maybe you can see what I am talking about and check it out for yourself.

By Leaonna

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